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Our sconces are wildlife friendly and have been approved by the Florida Wildlife Commission for use on coastal applications.

Turtle Light Adapter

The Turtle Light Adapter (TLA) can be used to convert any CopperSmith lantern into a Turtle Friendly Light.

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Wildlife Friendly Lighting

The CopperSmith offers a selection of copper fixtures that have been tested and certified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Lighting Certification Program to be turtle friendly lighting.

These fixtures elegantly combine the natural beauty of copper with the standards of low impact lighting. These Lighting accessories are considered wildlife friendly and have been approved for use in areas sensitive to the natural migration of sea turtles.

The CopperSmith is ready to fabricate or modify other lighting fixtures to be submitted for testing and certification as wildlife and turtle friendly.

Contact the CopperSmith for more information about the Wildlife Lighting Certification Program for turtle safe lighting.