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LED Lighting System!!

The Copper Pier Mount is available on most 4 or 6 sided Coppersmith lanterns and constructed out of the same quality copper our lanterns are made of. 

Hawthorne 6 Sided Ceiling Flush Mount Lantern ( Bulbs Not Included) 

The Farm House Hook is available on a variety of lanterns. ​

Please see your sales associate for details. 

New Lanterns And Accessories for 2016

The Gooseneck is now available with or without Decorative Scrolls. 


PO Box 2152, Foley, AL, United States

The Estate Extension extends the lantern from the wall 14 or 17 " & mounts from the top.

Available on MOST Coppersmith Lanterns. 

Juniper 4 Sided Ceiling Flush Mount Lantern ( Bulbs Not Included)